Conveyancing Solicitors Sydney

Conveyancing solicitors in Sydney are involved in some of the most expensive property developments in this part of the world. Sydney is a hotter than hot property market and has been for the last ten years and more. Here previously commercial areas are being rezoned residential to meet the demands of the premium housing market. Developments like Barangaroo are the perfect example of this, as they transform formerly disused industrial land into a blend of open space, residential living and commercial developments. Harbour front property is primo in Sydney and developments like these are worth billions of dollars.

Some of the more interesting and rewarding developments recently have been things like converting an old horse racing stable into a million-dollar Sydney property. Prices for properties near large tracts of open space, as in the case of thoroughbred horse racing tracks, attract a premium and this makes any conversions well worth the investment. Now that’s where a smooth conveyancing helps you walk away from the project very satisfied & financially better off. This is where an interest in the horses can get you more money than if you punted successfully on Centrebet for a whole month.

Real estate is the name of the main game in Sydney and punting on price rises in the Sydney market is a whole lot more profitable than anything else. There is a lot of talk about housing bubbles bursting and that property market prices must eventually fall, but it isn’t happening. Sydney is becoming more and more attractive to wealthy overseas visitors and to international companies wishing to locate their headquarters in the Asia- Pacific region. Big cities like Sydney have a momentum all of their own outside of the national economy as a whole.

Australia is in a post mining boom slow down but its biggest city is much more than a conduit for the fortunes of a single industry, even one as large as the mining sector. Sydney is a prized destination for numerous people and associated businesses and interests. There are trillions of dollars in real estate lining all sides of the harbour and right out to the Blue Mountains and up the F4 heading north.

Conveyancing solicitors in Sydney continue to play their part in the wealth creation for residents and commercial interests alike. Demand is strong and there is more and more development on the drawing boards of private and government planners in New South Wales.